Smile is the symphony of universe  which is playing when we are wins hearts. Smile can create magic. If you smile to a person they will give you smile by automatic reflection.

Smile is the best creation of God which is given to human kind. If you want to impress someone just smile. If you want to convince someone just smile.

In relationships smile is must. Today in the corporate world talk with smile is skill. Nothing works when smile works. Smile makes you special and feel very special.

So just smile.


Super productive

Productivity is necessary in today’s hard and fast lifestyle. The whole world is doing hard work for name, fame and money but the only one successes at the top levels are those who are super productive towards work.

In other terms we can say it work smartly. The one who need a time to complete the work perfectly 10 hours instead of it super productive person do it in 6 hour. The speed is necessary in today’s fast and speedy technological world.

The perfectness is also important part to be super productive. Whatever you do it do it the best and in bestest version. The world only recognize those who have a super productivity in their work, in their craft.something extraordinary to ordinary is called excellence.

Excellency beats hard work, experience and in business world excellency beat even a brand the major brands. How to achieve this level of excellence and super productivity?

The first major thing is highly ambitious the person are the more it has a fire in Belly which leads his focus towards the doing the best which is not done before ever which comes from the out of box thinking.

Just doing whatever do 100%.if we do our work we will have to do 100%.if we learn something learn 100%.if we enjoy our life through entertainment we should enjoy 100%.

Passion is the another thing which leads us the super productivity level. We have only two option either we do the things which we love it called passion either we love our work whatever we doing.

Super productivity is also increases by arranging our work timing. For this Using our time wisely. In morning first list the all days Task in the following manner.First priority the work we can do and than the the working order are in more important to less important work in decreasing order.which reducing our at least 2 hours time throughout the day it is my personal experience. Keep balance of our work, our learning time, our enjoyment time, our physical workout time every thing.

Focus is the another thing which increases super productivity.We will have to develop the ability to focus on one thing 100℅ and when the next thing we do we only do the things which we do in present and not even thinking about past activity or past work or worry about future things.

Swami vivekananda always says we will have to develope the ability to focus one thing at a time and when suddenly we do the second thing we will have the ability to get out our focus from first thing and only focus on second things. It is called the ability to immediately focusing one thing to another thing.

Live in present moment can reduce the time increases speed as well as creativity. Just live in the present when we are in present we become more focus towards our goal. We become also more creative towards our work and achieve 100% effort towards our goal. When we do our 100℅ with focus by being present then our work being more super productive.


Goal setting at any stage of life

It’s ok to anyone who have not set a goal at any stage of life. Some people like and love to go with flow. Hence they don’t set a goal at any stage of life.

First thing before setting goal is finding the passion. Defination of Passion is which you can do 24 hours without tiredness or boring. Just sit down and calm your mind and think the things which you love to do 24 hours without tired and boring.

If God appeared in front of you and ask about full filling your wish than what wish you ask for in front of God. That is your passion set a goal which is big because if you set a big goal you can either achieve it 100 % then it is great but if you achieve 70 ℅ of that 100℅ it is best and if you achieve 50% of that 100% it is good and if you achieve 30% of that 100% it is still a not a bad achievement in front of your big goal and in comparison of choosing small goal so think big set big goal. Give your 100% to achieve this goal.

Goal is created and achieved at any stage of life no matter what is situation what is your circumstances you can achieve anything any time anyway.



What is enlightment? How it is achieved how it can be possible for normal human to achieve such high level condition which is  achieved by some of few in the world?

A lot of spiritual gurus today tech you how enlightment is achieved they teach and guide people to achieve their spiritual goal in which  enlightment is final goal.

Enlightment is your true identity of yourself which is the soul free from all materialistic  world. A state of your soul which is free from body, mind and this materialistic world. And  finally the soul is merge with the supreme consciousness where it left from this consciousness an origins of the soul after clearing all the good and bad karma.

How is it achieved?  There are several ways to achieve this state. Among them I knew as per my knowledge is meditation, yoga hathyog,bhaktiyoga  gyan yoga,gyankarmayoga.

The basic technic of enlightment is comon which is happened in  any ways which is often chosen by sadhak.

There are three bodies one is physical second is karmic body and third is astral body. Either you chose any way you will liberate first physical body which is material body made of bone, muscle, skin.

The second liberation happened of karmic body. What is karmic body? Karmic body is the body where the all karma are stored either it is from the past life and it may be  good or bad whatever  every karma is stored. The karma which might  be enjoying in near future also stored in the karmic body.

When sadhak free from physical body it’s enters in  karmic cycle  for clearance of their past good Or bad karmas. In this karmic cycle sadhak enjoy all his good karma and feel pain and suffering for its bad karma.

sometimes we seen a good person feels and stuck in pain and suffering although he did good karma but he is in the karmic cycle where his bad karma is cleared during this cycle hence it is happening with most of the good people. Some people which seen the suffering of good people might unbelieve the law of karma.

After clearing their balance of karma sadhak enter in astral body where sadhak is enlightened .Sadhaks all 7 chakra is activated through the cycle of physical body to astral body. Kundalini energy which is rooted in first muladhar chakra passes through all chakra and sit in the sahastrar chakra.

After this Kundalini energy activated sadhak is free from all worries, all attachments. He is free from anger, lust,greed, detach from material world, jealousy, ego. He  is enlightened. He never feel joy nor feel pain he is free from all suffering.


Calmness vs disturbed mind

All people disturbed by some reasons.The question is how to be calm our mind when one disturbed?

just think about the reason for your disturbing mind and in this you will definitely find something positivity in it.which helpfull you to get our the negativity which disturbed you.

Just be friend of yourself .Just imagine If this things happened with your friend then what you say to him .That advice should be followed by exactly yourself and take action ccording to this.

There is no reason for living life is not possible.Find the reason of living may be for your friends, your loved ones ,your parents.Put all those negative and throw away in dustbin and create a strong desire to enhance the desire of living.

Always be hopefull. Just thought about hopefull thought .Just remember even if all door closed for us that is the meaning that one special door always open for us.There must be a way when we feel and see no way but our mind think hopeless and negative so we can not find it. But if you thought hopefull you will definitely find it.

Life is beautiful even you have worse pain and difficulty.if God gives difficulty he also give us a strength to bear it. He choose those who can have a ability to bear it .Don’t blame yourself or God or anyone.

Just live your life happily.Happiness is the choice. Have a pen and paper and put all your difficulties all thing happened worse in your life ,all your miseries until you feel joy in your heart and calm your mind by this way you feel calmness and your mind become stable.

Never regreat yourself. Be proud of whatever you have and whatever you have done.Either you do something bad by mistakenly than also be proud of that but only after forgiving yourself.

Win and lose is happened in everybody’s life and chitting and accusations happened with everyone’s life in their lifetime but there is not a meaning that you lose your desire of living life. Just accept win axactly accept lose.

Never frustrate if you frustrate just find out causes of frustration and how you made your frustration worse by your action. Find that action .For when you frustrate someone crying so do exactly opposite be happy. If in frustration you eat too much just start exercise instead of putting to much weight on your body.

Face your fears. If we face our fears fears dissolved. No one can harm us untill we harm ourself by our thought. One though is in our had may be negative but the other thought is depend upon us to how we put it on our mind. So only talk with yourself a positive thought and think positive thought.because what you think it becomes reality.

Just have a fighting spirit in this will have to have a fighting spirit to fight your negativity yourself and to fight with outer world. You have all the power to do anything in your life. By this you can do anything in this world.

Just think about what you have not on what you not have.Be perceptive. Find and see only positive thing not only in present but also in past or future.every thought you think just positive.Do what is in your control and leave what is not in your control?

Spirituality also help to calm your mind. Praying ,meditating can also help a lot to calm mind.Have a strong connection with God by fully heartily.Just put on every worry and every problem on the god. Give the charge to God of thing which is not in your control. He can do anything everything is in their control.

Just have a faith like if you sit in plane you don’t know the ability of the pilot but still you feel safe and relax. Exactly same put strong faith on God like the faith you put on piloted.And the last Pray to God he will give you strength. Not thinking too much about it.