Sonal Ma

The name is enough to describe the mother with deep compassion towards his childrens of charan community. The mother is the only one in this universe who accept you despite your badness.

Everyone loves goodness but can’t accept the badness. Only mother can accept your badness and love you & care you. She knows your badness but she has a special skill by which she turns your badness into goodness.

If the mother can do for her child then sonal ma is the AIMA the mother of universe she accepted the badness of charan community and give them love, compassion and recreate the whole charan community who lost their paths and lost their original identity as a deviputra by their tiredless effort and sacrifices.

The whole community blessed by her blessing and become more happy, healthy, wealthy, educated.
Jai sonal ma
Happy sonal bij.
Ma sonal blessed everyone.
Me charan hu.

  • Divyen Gadhavi

Unconditional self love

Unconditional love is the highest level of love on this planet. Might be it become selfish when it comes to self love. But it becomes great if it becomes a nature of yourself to to express your true self.

Our true self our soul has the nature of loving. Love is itself you can’t bagging from others. It has a giving nature. If you have a loving soul it is your true self your soul identity then it can’t demand for love or bag for love it has a genuine nature of giving love.

But giving only unconditionally becomes true nature but if you demand something then it becomes selfish. The main thing is unconditionally love is the only selfless love either you have it to your ownself or with another.

The question is why it becomes conditional or selfish? Because of our expectations and desires. When we have a full controll over our expectations and desire we become the true self of unconditional love.

Either you have disability just love with this disability is the unconditional love to our own self. The same principle is applied with your life partners. Many relations are broken because of this selfish love.

This is why so many divorce are happened daily on this earth. The first time they love or marry with each other at that time they have love with each other then why in the end sepration occurs?

Separation becomes possible if they have not unconditional love they are selfish. They have not with their true self. They are not in their ownself then how can they live with and love with others?

Because of this reasons separations in relationships, break ups are happened. only few relationships can have ability to survive. Because of this unconditional love to ownself and otherself.

So love yourself and others unconditionaly. Don’t judge other person on material things they should judged by their soul. Love has the power which you can’t imagine but it is important it should be unconditional.


Happy Diwali

The crackers are seen in sky with different stars and colourful light. Light is seen on every house.light is the symbol of hope when darkness ends the light spread in our life.Colourful rangoli painted in every house is the significance of colourful life.

Sweets are the symbol of sweetness in our relations. Specially diwali is the celebration of joy, love and colourful celebration. Family gets closer with each other their bondage between together is being more and more strong every diwali to another diwali.

So be happy and celebrate this diwali. Wishing you and your family a very very happy diwali.


Happy Navratri 2020

Navratri is the festival of devotion of ma jagdamba the creator of universe. she is the whole universe she is in everyparticle of this universe.

Let us pray to ma to free the world from corona viruses.



Satisfaction is the appreciation of what you have. Satisfaction is needed for happiness. Unsatisfied person can’t be happy.

Successful person always satisfied with what they have. This mindset gives them the stable mind which can make better decisions and work more productive.

Gratitude is the key for satisfaction. Just thank god for what you have dont blame for what you don’t have. Without satisfaction no one can be happy.

So just be happy for what you have a satisfy what you have.