What is love? Love is everything but then question arises what is true love?

True love is the love which is constant either the surrounding are not in favour in either good time Or bad time either in your disability or ability either in your beauty or uglyness it is always forever constant. No one can break it. With full of trust with full of acceptance with full of understanding with full of loyalty it is constant. It cant increase nor decrease it is constant and stable which makes relationship stable forever.

Some people today just love each other’s body each other’s pleasures ,lifestyle, craze and name,fame and money but it is not true love true love is not depend on the material thing. It is beyond this thing the best according to me a heart to heart and soul to soul relations. Which never decreases by either bad time or uglyness it is remain constant also either in each other’s presence or absent.

Love is the beautiful gift which is given by human kind to live each other with peace and joy.


Confusion is occur due to weak decision making and less confident about decision.

Basically confusion arises between choices. What to do what not to do. We can’t make decision because our mind is in doubt about it we have no confidence about our decision.we can’t have a decision about it. So the best is just be positive either you select any decision the positive output can happen always. So therefore you will have to be just positive it can increase confidence which can makes you to decide best decision by increasing confidence.

Don’t heard of your mind because your mind can be doubting but instead of it if you heard your intuition your inner voice the voice of your heart your soul makes you exactly the right decision which is for just you and only you so heard your inner voice because your inner self can’t be doubted this is what we call confidence.

So go with your intuition instead of your mind to get the best decision because one right decision can change your destiny.


Physical fitness is more important things to achieve success.

If you are physicaly fit you can stay active in your life. You can work more actively more effortly more dedication more energy level more long period of time.

Each and every person you will have to eat food in limits as per your digestion and metabolic rate and 2 hour exercise according to me is very important. At least 1 hour exercise is necessary to do higher fitness goal.

So be active eat healthy food stay fit.


Courage is the weapon to become successful on every aspect of life.

Courage is when you need that your hard time. When you lose hope. When all circumstances are against you courage is the weapon to get out from this circumstances. With courage you can change your fate. Fate is with them who have courage. Courage is what you makes different from the rest of the world in the eyes of people of the world. Courage makes big difference either your personality your character. With courage you beat every obstacle every difficulty in your way towards your progress in life. With courage it’s easy to make right decision but you have courage to stick this decision. With courage you can live with dignity proud and feel superiority. Courage is like diamond who have the ability to destroy every problem of your life.

How to be courageous? Just do things which you can’t do which you fear to do. Do the things which makes you out of your comfort zone. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t afraid to anyone. Do the things which is impossible because possible things don’t need courage it is ordinary things which everyone can do but impossible things when you start to do the 1 st thing you get out from your comfort zone get more confidence you will have to press on to do things that increases your courage. So don’t afraid just take a every step of your life courage.

The people who have courage can have the ability to do impossible things into possible and getting extraordinary success.