Undecipline to decipine

Undecipline is lack of decipline we all know about it but why undicipline hppend will not know?

Undcipline can be describe in simple manner lack of willingness to act on your goal what you choses.

This is happened because of lack of will power. Will power is necessary for self decipline.For will power you have to be strong mind set.

Will power is also developed by strong desire. A strong desire motivates you to act and its increase your willpower.

With the increase of will power you can increase selfdecipline. Ask your self i want this for increase desire than willpower works and selfdecipline developed as a result.

Decipline is necessary ingradiant for successfull life either health or wealth.



We are being impatience when the goal achievement delay. what to do to be patience in that perticular situations.

Impatience feels means we have lack of faith we loose the faith. Our faith is shaking when we impatience. Our belief is not much stronger if we become impatience.

So just try to be more faithful towards yoursef and your goals. It might takes some time and might getting some delay but it happened definetly one day.

The patience with ourself means a lot as like confidence. So don’t loose your faith and patience. Time will too pass. Its just matter of time.



Simplicity is what you are. Simplicity has a beauty by natural itself. Living the standard of lifestyle as simple as possible is what you really need requirement of things in life which is choosen by wisdom.

Some people is not simple in todays world they wanted to show of the world what they can do that is the demand of their ego. Not their real self.

We enjoy the satisfying our ego by show off the things among the world. The show off people always inteded to put others down and satisfying their egos and create self publicity in society too about this.

The simple person is not a ordinary man but has an extraordinary ability. They dont inteded to show off they dont need to be like what others peoples do. Simple person have a ability to believe in their self. They are not foolish persons they have a wisdom and have a ability to think and decide wisely.

In todays world being simple means you cut off over 90percent population of the world. Simple person has a strong mind they can not buy things by showing advertisement just because of show off.

Some people laugh at simple people put them down because they judge only a book by its cover. So dont judge a book by its cover.

The great leaders like mahatma gandhi, sardar patel ,nelson mandela, barak obama, waren buffet ,apj abdul kalam sir, rajnikant are all the people who believe in simplicity.



Holi is the festival of fire. A festival which symobls a faith .

A child prahlad is devote of lord vishnu. He has a strong faith on his god vishnu.

His father wanted to kill him. He arranged a devil women who hold prahlad on levers and sit on the tower which is made for ignition purpose.

When fire start in tower .Besides the darkness is behind prahld the faith won. This indicate if you have faith you can move mountains.

In hindu religion the tradition after this incedent is celebrated as holi. When people round the fire tower as a rituals.

Each one round indicates one dosha of people first round indicates to throw your kama in the fire as like krodha,lobha,moha,maya ,irshya,ahankara every seven doshas abstracted by fire when we rounded seven times around fire but we have to throw it with complete faith and remembered this doshash in ourself.

Fire has a ability to abstract negativity. Hence in hindudharma every day and evening to light the lamp to release our negativity as a ritual.

When you are empty of your doshash you are complete faithful towards yourself and towards god.

So be faithful. Have a trust like prahlad. Whatever the darkness you experianced in past or behind you, with the power of faith there is a light under you. Just needed to fire the light. The darkness remains no more.

Wishing you a very very happy holi.


Morning vibe

Each day is the new begining. Set new goal,new mindset.

Each day after sunset the destiny is changed. Light enters in the darkness.

Everymorning is a new begining for a new journey.