Death is beautiful

The most beautiful thing in this world is death.

Yes absolutely correct reading the most beautiful thing in this world is death then why people scared of it I can’t understand. If you are the person who find the real truth of the world and experience the truth of the universe you consider it only. if you are a person who are in having attachment with the people of this world and your family then you feared and scared from the death. Death is only beautiful for them who are detached of this world and their loved ones and family.

So don’t attach to much on anything in this world you find the way of the beautiful death is called Mukti, Moksha or Nirvana.

Push your limit

For extraordinary success we all have to need some extra effort. But can you imagine this extra effort could possible?The answer is yes of course why not? nothing is impossible in this world.To do something impossible you need extra effort and you will have to push your limit.

For this extra effort what you can do? The major thing is set your goal as higher as possible. Do extra hard work which is necessary in all areas of your life. You will have to struggle extra for this too. Remember one thing if you dream big you struggle more and for this you will have to do extra hard work and have a lot of faith and patience. You will have to pushing yourself to getting extra confidence, will power, self discipline, courage. You will have to do this for extraordinary achievements.

For example :

Set a goal of exercising 20 minutes a day then another day set 25 minutes.

Set a goal for reading 2 hours daily increase another day half hour

By practising this way you work beyond your limits.

The benifits of this you will become limitless & unstoppable you will get the massive success and achievement in any area you wanted to be. Be the bestest version of yourself. The only competitor of you is yourself.

Cross your ability your physical ability your mental ability your memory power your intelligence your way of thinking. By doing this only you can push your limits. And if you push your limit you will become limitless & unstoppable you will get the massive success. Our mind works on belief. What ever we believe in our ability will become our limit.We all have a limit that are the comfort zone of our mind .No belief is permanent they are man made.Society made this kind of belief and we agree it. We could not thinking beyond it.But if we break this comfort zone we cross our limit by pushing it hard and through this way we become limitless.

For example:

The owner of KFC started their career in business at the age of aprox 67 years. When everybody is retired at this age he become millionaire. He might be also struggling with his belief and a thought might be came in his mind was at this age everyone is retired and I started new business what could it really possible in reality? But beyond this he made a strong determination and push their belief .Age is just a number he proved.And he become millionaire at the age of 67 approx.

Pushing your limit is not easy thing but not impossible just a needed strong belly fire to do something and never give up.

So just push your limited mind to think that anyone can do anything in this world by pushing their limits.


Don’t focus of pain instead of focus on gain.

Because without pain there is no gain. If you focus on your pain then you vest your time because pain removes by the time. Not suddenly a miracle happens to us that our pain is remove suddenly but it takes lot of time and for that we will have to lots of patience to need. So the better option is just focus of gain not on pain if you focus on pain it creates extra more pain towards us so no matter what ever type of pain we have we will have to learn to not focus towards it. Either physical pain, mentally immotional pain just ignore them. The wisdom is in ignorance not to live and feel that pain always forever. Don’t allow your pain a barrier to your dreams. Just do the right thing just ignore that pain and think about what is the meaning to live in this pain instead we do our work towards fulfill our dreams.

There is a one sentence who has a ability to wisest one word is ignorance.

Expectation & Depression

Expectations are the root cause of depression.

When your expectations meets reality then ok but when your expectations are not meet reality then what it becomes only frustration and depression. So the better way to live not expect anything not about career your life and also you your relatives and your mother, father, wife, brothers why we expect from them and what is the meaning of true happiness true happiness doesn’t depend on others it doesn’t depend on any thing in the world not any situations not circumstance. Life is your and your happiness is yours don’t allows your happiness is depend on others so don’t expect from anybody in the world not even god. I see some people worship God because God gives them money and happiness the things if not happen in reality then we get more frustration more depression. Not expect anything. Just think that you are not bourn to get anything but instead bourn give here what you are able to give the world and the universe. What you learn from your life what the knowledge you spread to humanity for better life spread love joy happiness but don’t expect it comes return to you by someone on someways.

Just focus on giving not on getting.

Power of want

If you know what you want than everything is becomes easy. The desire of what we want decide how our success are? Some people don’t know what they want they just try a life as it goes. But some of few have a strong desire of I get what I want. That is a attitude. Sometimes things not happen in our life it is because we did not know what actually what we want instead of if we desire strongly what I want I will definitely get it. That increases confidence boost your willpower increasing the willingness towards your goal. And helps to meet the success which is extraordinary. For execution of what we want there is some sacrifices we will have to pay and that is only possible if we don’t do what I don’t want. This things makes us completely focus towards our goal. So having strong desire of what you want and make a list of the things what you want and what you don’t want?

Comparison vs hapiness

One man sited on the rolls royals and he saw a news paper in which one businessman buy a jet plane. The moment before he bought car he was happy as suddenly the news saw in news paper he think that what a lucky and happy man he bought a jet plane and feel sad.

A person who is attempting suicide on the river saved by one old man. The old man ask the reason of suicide he tells I have nothing in my life. I am not enough rich than others. I am not happy than others. He felt very law self esteem. Old man ask him can you have a leg, hand, eyes so he said yes I have it. And everyone have it so what? The old man pointed his finger towards the begger who begged in front of temple have no eyes no one hands and one leg. And tell him someone doesn’t have a few like this and you have everything but still feeled you have nothing. The person realised it is my mind and my thought and belief that I have nothing though I have everything. God don’t give everything to everybody. What I have is mine and I will have to satisfied with it that is the only way to avoid misery comparison and feel happy all the time.

So don’t compare yourself and your assets to other. It is the possibility they might think you are more happy than us. Be happy.

The Real power

The real power is not blustering someone but to getting respect without feared.

Some people like politician, criminals other officers, top graded officer always blustering someone to maintain their theat in other people and show their power which they falsely believe that the real power and pleasured theirself by this power which only increases their ego. They increases ego and increases threat in other people’s. People only respect their ego not their character only respect with threat on their name , fame but not whole heartly they respect them. The real power is to use your power to help others who are weak. That is showed the real character which is respected by everyone everywhere with whole heartly. The real power is not put someone down and not making joke on others and Harras weak people or poor people but the real power is to give strength and support to their growth which is respected by everywhere.

Respect is earned not get easily. Respect is depend on how good your character are as a human being.