Super productive

Productivity is necessary in today’s hard and fast lifestyle. The whole world is doing hard work for name, fame and money but the only one successes at the top levels are those who are super productive towards work.

In other terms we can say it work smartly. The one who need a time to complete the work perfectly 10 hours instead of it super productive person do it in 6 hour. The speed is necessary in today’s fast and speedy technological world.

The perfectness is also important part to be super productive. Whatever you do it do it the best and in bestest version. The world only recognize those who have a super productivity in their work, in their craft.something extraordinary to ordinary is called excellence.

Excellency beats hard work, experience and in business world excellency beat even a brand the major brands. How to achieve this level of excellence and super productivity?

The first major thing is highly ambitious the person are the more it has a fire in Belly which leads his focus towards the doing the best which is not done before ever which comes from the out of box thinking.

Just doing whatever do 100%.if we do our work we will have to do 100%.if we learn something learn 100%.if we enjoy our life through entertainment we should enjoy 100%.

Passion is the another thing which leads us the super productivity level. We have only two option either we do the things which we love it called passion either we love our work whatever we doing.

Super productivity is also increases by arranging our work timing. For this Using our time wisely. In morning first list the all days Task in the following manner.First priority the work we can do and than the the working order are in more important to less important work in decreasing order.which reducing our at least 2 hours time throughout the day it is my personal experience. Keep balance of our work, our learning time, our enjoyment time, our physical workout time every thing.

Focus is the another thing which increases super productivity.We will have to develop the ability to focus on one thing 100℅ and when the next thing we do we only do the things which we do in present and not even thinking about past activity or past work or worry about future things.

Swami vivekananda always says we will have to develope the ability to focus one thing at a time and when suddenly we do the second thing we will have the ability to get out our focus from first thing and only focus on second things. It is called the ability to immediately focusing one thing to another thing.

Live in present moment can reduce the time increases speed as well as creativity. Just live in the present when we are in present we become more focus towards our goal. We become also more creative towards our work and achieve 100% effort towards our goal. When we do our 100℅ with focus by being present then our work being more super productive.

By Divyen Gadhavi

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A chef in the fine restaurant works with a attitude of Nurse which is duty , but the Super productive meal gets stale if left on the table for 30 minutes but a home meal cooked with the attitude of a mother which is Worship of Work remains good even for 24 Hours what we all have experienced in our day to day life many times .

When you worship your work , work becomes automatically Super Productive bringing SUBH LABH ‘शुभ लाभ’ which means happiness and Profit both or love and life .

Worship of Work automatically include all tools which are attitude , discipline , time management , focus , totality , love and devotion .

Happiness is Mindfulness and Profit is Money so Money with Mindfulness is Super Productivity . Profit includes Name , Fame and captain of the Game in our outer world .

Just Profit is not Super productivity but a suffer productivity which is like Super rich outside but poor in Spirit in inside .

so be a super productive inside and outside that is balance of Life .

love all.

ram H singhal

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