Goal setting at any stage of life

It’s ok to anyone who have not set a goal at any stage of life. Some people like and love to go with flow. Hence they don’t set a goal at any stage of life.

First thing before setting goal is finding the passion. Defination of Passion is which you can do 24 hours without tiredness or boring. Just sit down and calm your mind and think the things which you love to do 24 hours without tired and boring.

If God appeared in front of you and ask about full filling your wish than what wish you ask for in front of God. That is your passion set a goal which is big because if you set a big goal you can either achieve it 100 % then it is great but if you achieve 70 ā„… of that 100ā„… it is best and if you achieve 50% of that 100% it is good and if you achieve 30% of that 100% it is still a not a bad achievement in front of your big goal and in comparison of choosing small goal so think big set big goal. Give your 100% to achieve this goal.

Goal is created and achieved at any stage of life no matter what is situation what is your circumstances you can achieve anything any time anyway.

By Divyen Gadhavi

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