What is enlightment? How it is achieved how it can be possible for normal human to achieve such high level condition which is  achieved by some of few in the world?

A lot of spiritual gurus today tech you how enlightment is achieved they teach and guide people to achieve their spiritual goal in which  enlightment is final goal.

Enlightment is your true identity of yourself which is the soul free from all materialistic  world. A state of your soul which is free from body, mind and this materialistic world. And  finally the soul is merge with the supreme consciousness where it left from this consciousness an origins of the soul after clearing all the good and bad karma.

How is it achieved?  There are several ways to achieve this state. Among them I knew as per my knowledge is meditation, yoga hathyog,bhaktiyoga  gyan yoga,gyankarmayoga.

The basic technic of enlightment is comon which is happened in  any ways which is often chosen by sadhak.

There are three bodies one is physical second is karmic body and third is astral body. Either you chose any way you will liberate first physical body which is material body made of bone, muscle, skin.

The second liberation happened of karmic body. What is karmic body? Karmic body is the body where the all karma are stored either it is from the past life and it may be  good or bad whatever  every karma is stored. The karma which might  be enjoying in near future also stored in the karmic body.

When sadhak free from physical body it’s enters in  karmic cycle  for clearance of their past good Or bad karmas. In this karmic cycle sadhak enjoy all his good karma and feel pain and suffering for its bad karma.

sometimes we seen a good person feels and stuck in pain and suffering although he did good karma but he is in the karmic cycle where his bad karma is cleared during this cycle hence it is happening with most of the good people. Some people which seen the suffering of good people might unbelieve the law of karma.

After clearing their balance of karma sadhak enter in astral body where sadhak is enlightened .Sadhaks all 7 chakra is activated through the cycle of physical body to astral body. Kundalini energy which is rooted in first muladhar chakra passes through all chakra and sit in the sahastrar chakra.

After this Kundalini energy activated sadhak is free from all worries, all attachments. He is free from anger, lust,greed, detach from material world, jealousy, ego. He  is enlightened. He never feel joy nor feel pain he is free from all suffering.

By Divyen Gadhavi

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enjoying our good or bad karma and complete whole account of karma who did in past life and present life and no desire or expectation of future when we reach at this state by the helping of any spiritual guru or any god who taken as guru the karmic body freed.


Buddha for 6 years Tried every practice possible for enlightenment and finally tired with all and sat down Under a tree which is पीपल Peepal Tree . this tree name has a path to enlightenment without any of the methods . पी means Drink and पल means Now . Drink Now or live in Present is True Enlightenment . Flow with life in effortless effort is Enlightenment . love all.
ram H singhal

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when you wash the cloth we use different methods to clean like soap , detergent , stone wash and dry-cleaning but we need water also but after washing you remove both dirt and method from the cloth , so what remains is water and cloth . that is learning and unlearning . here water is synonymous of love which is neutral without judgement so awareness is this state after washing .

what you mentioned in your article are different methods which will be needed at start depending on the kind of cloth but enlightenment is ultimate freedom from all spiritual practices because one will realize that I am pure bliss and beyond known and unknown dimension of time and timeliness.

Jiddu Krishanamurty , a fine enlightened master total emphasis on understanding awareness also is a one of the method of contemplation but mainly for intellectual people who can understand things more scientifically .

love all.
ram H singhal

your blog is a time for value , you are a beautiful soul , greetings and blessings

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